Singapore Apple Online Store Updated 2011


Of Course there is the new addition of the iPhone 4S release to their HomePage

iPhone 4S Singapore







With the release of the iPhone 4S , which comes in both black & white pricing for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano Has been updated as well.

A new color for the iPod Touch has be added : White , looks beautiful . but come on , seriously why buy an iPod Touch if you can re-contract ?

Personally i feel the iPhone 4 was on of the best phones i used in my life so far , until iPhone 4S came out !

Guess we were right , the iPhone 4 Price did drop by about a $100 SGD.

just so you know , apple still offers engraving services and also next day delivery even though the price drops.

anyway let’s check out the price drop on 3:30am at

Firstly iPod Nanos : 







iPod Nano New prices in Singapore Store 2011 after 4/10/2011 iPhone 4S Release


iPod Nano  Original Price Current Price 
  $228 SGD $180
  $278 SGD  $208


Secondly iPod Touch 

ipod touch singapore 2011 price





iPod Touch White/Black  Original Price  Current Price 
16GB   $328  $288
32GB  $428  $428 (No Change)
64GB  $588  $588 (No Change)

 Thirdly iPhone 3GS

iphone 3gs singapore price






Current Price : $548 , can’t remember how much was the original price (if you are aware drop me a comment below , Cheers)


Lastly iPhone 4

Arhh , possibly the best phone i used in my life till date , 4/10/2011

oh and did i mention , they have phased out the 32GB models already for the Apple Store in Singapore since the new iPhone 4S would be available in 16GB/32GB/64GB

iphone 4 8gb






Original Price : $888 

Current Price : $788 (That’s a whopping $100 decrease , pretty much for a brand new apple product)


if you find the new iPhone 4S , which might be priced around? say $999?  too expensive , why not get the iPhone 4 i mean there’s still iOS5 and it’s pretty fast too!



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