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Quick Facts About Showtimezz

* Top 1 free app in Singapore’s Entertainment category on 26th Feb 2011!
* What’s Hot in Singapore’s Entertainment category on 28th Feb 2011!
* New and Noteworthy in Singapore’s Entertainment category on 7th Feb 2011!
* Featured in The Straits Times — Digital Life on 23rd Feb 2011!

Why download Showtimezz ?

Why download a application from each of the  single company , take for example Eng Wah , Shaw , Cathay , Golden Village .

Becuase if one cinema is full you have to launch the other application and let’s be truthful , you just want to watch your movie and cant really bother which

cinema company it is . Do you HEAR your friends say , “eh can dont watch at GV , i dont like” NO  you dont.

Imagine yourself now at Plaza Singapura , where there is Cathy at Cathy and GV at PS , now you are confused which cinema to go , so you fire up saferi and check one by one which might take you at least 3Minutes ,

but now im launching Showtimezz just asked my friends which movie and i got all the timings !

what showtimezz offer is that they allow you to search based on the movie you wanna watch and it shows you the location available , not to mention timings !

Look at the screenshots below and you will understand why Showtimezz will be the best movie app out there !

Easily one of the best Singapore iPhone Apps


Interview with the Singapore iPhone Developer

What made you and your team develop the app?

There’s a number of reason why we started Showtimezz. We are a group of friends who are geeks and love IT for a long time. For many years we wanted to do something but never get it going. Showtimezz is one of the many we wanted to do and we finally pull our act together and deliver it. 😀 We are very glad we manage to pull it off. We felt Showtimezz could help solves the problem of movies and showtimes discovery in Singapore, which haven’t been the best of experience for a long time. Showtimezz definitely have a lot more room for improvement and we are committed to making it useful for everyone.

What was the feeling when Showtimezz was the top app out of hundreds of thousands of apps out there!

It was definitely a pleasant surprise to be in the top 2 free app in Singapore. We never had thought it would climb to such a high rank. This give us a lot of encouragement moving forward. We are looking to continue to bring the best user experience to our user base. :)what do you see in 2011 for the iOS applications ?

What do you see in 2011 for the iOS applications ?

2011 would be a great time for iOS and mobile industry in general. The year where computing device continue spread from every home to every people in an accelerated level. Near Field Communication is going to be something to look out for. Looking at Square success in US, I’m putting my bet in this technology to be featured in the next iPhone. The possibility of mobile device of today caliber is still yet to be fully realized. With a more democratic developer landscape, more computing power to leverage on, its exciting for us developer. :) We hope we can ride on this wave. :)

About: Alson Toh

Alson has been a iPhone Developer since Oct 2010 and felt that there is not enough light shinning on the Singapore Developers , thus he has created to feature apps programmed by the local talent in Singapore. For more enquiries ,

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