OrangeEye iPhone Application Review

This application for singaporeans, an initiative by NTUC income assists policyholders who are often in a state of stress and anxiety after an accident. It records down the last 2-4minutes and stores it when it detects an accident (Acceleration above 10G’s by the iPhone Gyrometer) alternatively it can be manually activated as well.

Get help instantlyorange eye iphone application singapore

Also another benefit is that it would be able to send a message to the OrangeEye team when you need help and orange force riders will arrive at the accident scene to render help anytime and anywhere.

$100 incentive for video submissions

To encourage users, there is a $100 discount on the policy holders  to encourage video submissions that helps settle a claim, regardless of which party is liable. Same offer is extended to non-policyholders if they wish to be insured with NTUC income policy upon renewal.


“If fraudulent practices persist, motor insurance premiums will inevitably increase. This affects everyone, including safe drivers who do not make any claims.”

– Mr Peh Chee Keong, vice-president of motor insurance at NTUC Income

The question today would be , why would you be recording your driving with this application if you already have a in car recorder? i would say the key function of this would be the ability to inform the orange force riders to assist you in the event of accident. (CHOI, touch wood)

orange riders

orange riders

To download the orange eye application :

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