OFFICIAL : Apple iPhone 5 Event is 4th October 2011 Tuesday 










Well, our guesses were correct about the date posted earlier already ,but this time it’s officially released by apple that the next iPhone will show up on Tuesday, October 4th at Apple HQ.

It’s been 15 months since Apple began selling the iPhone 4, i guess many of you are already excited about the iPhone 5 features we covered earlier .

Above , it’s an image sent by apple as an invitation , we can see the date 4th Tuesday , which will be october since it’s a friday for nov and sunday for Dec. we also understand the badge(the red 1 on the top left)  on the Phone Icon where it might be an additional iPhone ? or perhaps just to showcase the they will be releasing the iPhone 5 (Pretty obvious)


so i guess we GEEKY Singaporeans are pretty much excited about the iPHONE 5 Technical features that MIGHT be included : 

iPhone 5 Technical Features 

  • Faster iPhone A5 Processor 1GB Ram?
  • 8MP Camera
  • Better Screens?
  • Bevel Design , something similar to the iPod Touch 4G 
While most of us would be seeing would be the technical specification , im sure die hard Fans would be interested in the software , iOS 5 ! 
YEAH , iCloud would be included & much much more that i personally a person who jailbreaks would be interested in iOS5 since it includes the useful jailbreak features such as Upgraded notification system and the new Voice Recognition Technology. 

iPhone 5 Software Features

  • Twitter Integration For Sure but Facebook? (Check out the screenshots below)
  • iCloud
  • Wireless Syncing , no more need for cables 
  • Voice Recongnition Technology  (Maps directions , Voice to text sending messages through SMS / iMessage) 
  • New Notification 
  • iMessage ( free sms/mms to friends with iDevices somewhat a whatsapp killer however not available cross platforms e.g android , blackberry)
What we will not see for sure , would be NFC (Near Field Communications ) something which most android phones has already , allowing them to make payment easily through their phones! 
amazing right? probaly pickup rate is not that high , thus apple plans not to include it.


What might happen during the event on 4th Oct 2011  ?


Since apple would be releasing new models , i would forsee them discontinueing older models as well such as iPod Nano & iPod Classic?
Perhaps the official facebook iPad application would be released as well , as we have understood that it has been developed since may but not released yet.
Also would apple be surprising the world with their budget iPhone 4S ? there’s many speculation about apple going to produce an iPhone Similar to the iPhone 4.
I Guess All We Can Do Now Is Wait till 4th Oct 2011!

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