Best iPhone Apps Singapore


As you might already know, Singapore wishes to achieve the best in everything, not to mention technology. Board on an MRT(Singapore public transport) and what do you see? iPhones around, be it 3G 3GS 4, the number of iPhone users in Singapore is massive, did you know 6 in 10 singaporeans uses iPhone in Singapore. So it boils down to the applications now, since all of us have the same mobile device does not necessary means all of us is benefiting from apps in our everyday life.

Thus these are the best Singapore iPhone apps which can be downloaded for free from apple app store.






Category: Travel

Tells you your nearby bus-stops based on your location and points you to them using the compass interface.This App is simple, find the bus-stop near your area which you would board you bus and check the timing.I often use this app before I leave my house for school / work to make decisions on which bus-stop I go to, which saves my waiting time, doing this over and over can be tedious for some, this you can add bookmark to your favourite bus stops to check for bus arrival timings.





Category: Navigation is very useful when finding for nearby amenities as ATM, AXS Machine, SG Pools, Post office and many more, it shows you where you are and where the amenities nearby are using dropped pins. Certainly one of the best apps you can find in Singapore app store.

Straits Times

Category: News





This app is definitely the must have app within the news category for Singapore, as it filters the news into categories like no other news app with graphics that makes it look professional. Not to mention if you are an iPhone 4 user, this app makes use of the retina display. It provides you with information which you need to know such as weather and also ST Indices. You can also access the achieve which has stored data of up to 7days and share it on Twitter and Facebook.

DBS mBanking / POSB mBanking

Category: Finance

Definitely the must have app for all Singaporeans, as all of us will definitely have a POSB / DBS account in Singapore, this app allows you to pair it up with your ibanking device (red one) which generates a code for you to login and check your balance also making a transfer wirelessly on your iPhone.

Carpark @ SG





Category: Navigation

Like all Singaporeans, we would like to find ways to save money, drive or not keeping this app in your iPhone would definitely come handy, you might never know when you need this useful app. Carpark@SG shows you the cheapest carpark nearby, be it after 5pm or weekday, this app is certainly useful in showing you carpark prices per hour and even entry. Not to mention this why this app appears in the list of best apps is that it shows you lot availability of popular areas such as 313 @ Somerset, Ion Orchard and The Cathy.






Category: Travel

This application will tell you keep track about the latest notifications pushed to you about your flight, it’s user friendly, not only does it show you the scheduled and estimated time of arrival / departure it also provides information such as the location of where is it on the map.Great for us as we wish to avoid the peak hour jams.

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