iPhone Repair Shop in Singapore?

Need your iPhone to be repaired in Singapore? Maybe not if you were using iPhone 5.

We must all know that the iPhone is a very fragile piece of equipment comparing it to other Android Devices such as the Galaxy S II


i personally have dropped and cracked my iPhone before , no to mention 3 times. Yes if you do beat that record share with me your experience. seriously.

Even though it has been cracked 3 times i got it all fixed , right here in singapore & NO i didnt approach the telecos at all to change the whole phone for a refurbished set at $350++

Thus if you have problems for iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G / iPhone 2G

  •  Screen Crack / Broken 
  • Change of Glass Digitizer 
  • Back Glass Panel Crack / Broken
  • Remove Front & Back camera (Wow , going to talk about this in the next post)
  •  Home Button 
  • Sync / Charger port / Mic problems
  • Hearing Buzzer
  • Water Damage
  • Board Repairs 
  • Change of batteries
i understand it’s difficult to select someone to fix your iPhone , afraid that parts might be 2nd Hand or even fake?  That’s the same sentiments when i was looking for someone to fix my iPhone4 in Singapore . Prices would be of my first concern after that i also would like to stand there and watch the whole process take place. I believed there’s a few of us out there who are always afraid someone would take a part from our original product whenever we send it to 3rd Party vendors to fix it.

Thus i would recommend Roy 9477 6564 , he has a shop at Simlim Square #05-79 ever since fixing my iPhone 3 Times & we have been friends since then i always recommended him to my inner circle of friends whenever their phones are spoilt. Okay okay let’s say he’s not my friend just look at his portfolio below!

  1. Most importantly , he has the expertise since the first iPhone in 2007 . 
  2. Fixed more than 9000 iPhones and counting..
  3.  Serviced thousands of customers and corporate business. eg. N.I.E , Defence Technologies


If you are thinking Apple is not doing anything about it , that’s when you are wrong.


Recently Apple has filled Patents a shock absorber according to http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2011/11/apple-invents-crack-resistant-glass-solutions-for-portables.html


which describes different embodiments of including a shock mount made of polymer, foam, gel, or similar material in a future iPhone or iPad’s cover glass (as usual Apple also mentions the majority of their other products including iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, displays, and televisions). In one solution, Apple describes a “mechanically actuated retractable”, which would essnetially allow the cover glass to withdraw “at least partially into the housing in response to sensing the drop event, thereby protecting for the cover glass.”  





alright in simple terms it would let the glass cover to withdraw or in Singlish terms , go in (Like tortise head into the shell) the body of the phone , protecting the screen and preventing it from cracking and perhaps other small problems such as button spoiling. I believe this would be included in the iPhone 5 , but still it’s long till the release date of iPhone 5.



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