iPhone Application Development Singapore

iPhone Application Development Singapore



To begin your journey in iPhone Application Development or Mobile Application Development using iPhone SDK 4.0 , you will first need to understand the core concepts of the language which would be Objective -C to create your make your iPhone Application. Objective-C , is the way to go if you intend to develop applications which has the ability to use Location Services also with connection to database. If you intend to develop game i would strongly suggest the GameSalad Platform.

Do not take this course if you have prior knowledge in developing iPhone applications Or Objective-C Language .

This course would enable you to learn the basics of Objective C , a great start to your iPhone App Development.

Foundation Objective-C Language Basics

Course Outline:

Target AudienceNon-programmers, web developers
Competencies GainedAble to understand the Objective-C syntax Knows how to apply the principles of Object Oriented Programming
Ability to debug errors independently
Course Contents Tour of Xcode 4
Data types
Control Flow Principles of Object Oriented Programming
Objective-C class anatomy
Common Data Structure
Memory Management
Course DatesDates: 27 March 2012Time: 9am to 6pm 
Course Venue 15 Beach Road Beach Centre #05-10 Singapore 189677
Requirements  USB Thumbdrive. iMacs will be provided in class.
Course FeeSGD $399



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