iPhone 6 Singapore Official Release Date Official

What we are looking at now is the WWDC that is upcoming on 2th June 2014 , this event apple will normally publicize about the latest iOS , iOS 8 & hopefully release it’s new range of products. WWDC might include the latest iPhone 6 , Macbook Pro. Recently they have just launched their upgraded line of Macbook AIR. This would translate to singapore looking to a iPhone 6 release date in during months of September / October.

We have been predicting the launch of the iPhones since the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4s Release date Singapore  , iPhone 5 Release date Singapore and we were quite

accurate as always. S

Firstly lets take a look at the ,

Specifications of the upcoming iPhone 6

  • Screen size -Upgraded
  • Processor -Upgraded
  • Battery life – Upgraded
  • iOS operating system – Upgraded
  • Charging Port – Same
  • Fingerprint technology – Same
  • NFC – added in


For screen size ,as expected it is going to be 4.7inch , looking at bevel edges unlike the iPhone 5 and 5S. Something similar to the curved edges of the  iPhone 5C, but a bigger version to fit in the new lcd.


Are we looking at a A8 quad core 64bit architecture processor?

Also included will be improved ram to keep up the gaming standards throughout the year where new apps will be developed and launched to utilise the chipset.=

Battery life

Batteries would Extended to support the larger screen capacity of 4.7 inches and yet keeping the standards of talk time 10Hours on 3SG or standby of up to 250hours.

iOS operating system

We are looking at iOS8, with more health beneficial stock apps. Improved maps thats for sure. As usual an awesome UX/UI for users.

We are looking at internal mapping for shopping centres , hospitals and other commercial buildings in the future. Questions is the future now? Same thing it’s going to be more resource hungry to make your older iphone such as the 4S and 5 slower , making you want to buy the new 6 ^^

Charging port

Same old lighting , wish they would improve it to charge lighting fast

Fingerprint technology

Awesome biometric technology , avid user of it. it’s here to stay for sure.


Apple previously acquired AuthenTec , they have been a great company developing patents for NFC as well as fingerprint technology. With passbook app already in place and actived across the united states , i believe apple is looking to the direction of mobile payment. it’s really big , with more than $1.6 trillion in china alone.

iPhone 6 mockup release date singapore

iPhone 6 mockup Official release date singapore



Since 2011 Apple has announced it’s iPhone in september and october.

So when is the iPhone 6 Singapore Official Release Date : What we are looking at is september and october for a launch in singapore. more to come meanwhile here are some pictures and videos which are quite accurate.


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