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The iPhone 5 rumour mill keeps on churning and the latest murmuring comes from Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron(Pegatron was contracted by Apple to build the CDMA iPhone 4) below are information all about the iPhone 5 , do inform me if i had missed out any !

When will the iPhone 5 be released?

The release date for the US in the 5th September 2011 , IF speculations were right we could expect a release in the end of 2011

Updated 28/9/2011 : Singapore iPhone 5 Official Release Date 


Updated 5/10/2011 : Official iPhone 4S Release Date Singapore 

Speculation Round Up :



iPhone 5 Specs


Below are just the speculation and rumours round up from different sources online showing the iPhone 5 specifications

  • Same design
  • 64GB Available (32GB & 64GB Only)
  • A5 Processor chip It runs at the same 1.4GHz clock speed FASTER then  its predecessor, contains two processing cores instead of one.
  • 8 Mega-pixel Camera with Dual Flash Light
  • Larger 3.7 inch screen (compared to the 3.5 inch screen iPhone 4)
  • OLED Screen (organic light-emitting diode, does not require backlighting
  • Recording video  1080p HD at 25fps/720p at 30fps
  • LED notification light (The light will flash to alert you of any missed call, text or app notification)
  • Extended Battery (One feature i really hope for)
  • Custom SMS tones

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iPhone 5 Price Singapore

i believed like previous generations of iPhone 3,3GS the prices of iPhone 4 will drop when iPhone 5 is released . Thus the iPhone 5 price should be estimated around $800-$900 for the entry level !


What do you think about this? Tell us the features you wanna see in the iPhone 5!



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  • Jacky

    how about the battery life?

    • alsontoh

      i believe it’s much better ! no speculartion on it yet!

    • Anonymous

      hello Jacky , battery life should be longer since apple would want to do an upgrade :) 

      • http://www.facebook.com/Mizfit4ever Elisa Lorena

        That’s awesome!!

        • Kamil Sk4u

          iPhone 5 really made its uniqueness to its predecessor, sweet

  • Jp Fxt

    still android rocks

    • JP Fxt IS AN %^&*

      #$%^& you you %^&* android has more market shares because it has many more models
      Admin Edited.

  • Misranm

    If really the Iphone at market can u show to me and the price?

  • Jessi

    are the charger use similar as iphone 4  and iphone 3gs? and how about the sim size?

    • alsontoh

      should be the same size , if not they would have to mass produce different sizes thus increase in cost.
      sim size should be the same a iPhone 4 :)

  • Muhammad Zaki

    iphone 4gs and 3gs will be drop to how much ?

    • Anonymous

      hello Zaki , i believe it would drop around $150 in the earlier stage

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  • Victorhabib02

    i hope the new i phone 5 developers can do  in the settings a one touch tap to press to erase all contacts instead going through the hassle of i tunes sync staff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ubert1209 Hubert Albo

    iPhone 5 really made its uniqueness to its predecessor, sweet 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mizfit4ever Elisa Lorena

    I really hope the iPhone 5 is transparent :P

  • Olan69


    • Anonymous

      hello Olan , actually if you want to get your current iPhone Battery Changed you can head to Sim Lim Square!

  • Vfrvwrfvwv


  • raybusa

    Iphone need to upgrade more and more….buck up!!!

    ·Face Time supported by cellular network?

    ·Java and flash viewer enabled?

    ·Built-in GPS & antenna?

    ·Bluetooth friendly?

    ·Transfer song or files without sync w/ Itunes?

    ·Can mp4, mp3, amr, wav be set as personal choice of ring and alert

    ·Can watch and transfer video without converting?

    • http://www.proctic.com/sg Vicky

      lol… seems like expectations are quite high. I just hope that we won’t get disappointed (again)!!!