iPhone 4S Release Date Singapore


Here in this post we will discuss about What’s in iOS 5 , iPhone 4S Specifications down to the root! and also should you buy the iPhone 4s?

back to the topic about iPhone 4 S , when will telcos like Starhub, Singtel & M1 have the iPhone 4 in Singapore?

(if you are new i personally suggest starhub, why? Because their service is one of the best!)







So when will the iPhone 4S be released in Singapore?

Drum Rolls: 28th October 2011,Friday
3 Weeks on from now , it would be a friday!
Singapore Local Telcos , such as Starhub , Singtel and Mobile1 (M1) would be preparing contracts and plans as we are speaking now , and again the official iPhone 4s would be released in Singapore by the 28th October 2011. I guess that’s the date our Local Telcos will be releasing it for sale as well. (Find our small but powerful country there in the picture)
iphone 4s singapore release date








Quick Facts for the conference  :

  • 250 Million iOS Devices
  • Number one Mobile Operating System 43%
  • 1Billion Apps Downloaded per month
  • 18billion downloads from the App Store
Now you know the official release date for Singapore , why not check-out what’s under hood for the iPhone 4S
if you are a die-hard fan i believe you can skip most of the what’s in iOS5 & move on to what’s inside the iPhone 4s.

What’s in iOS5?

  • NewsStand
  • iCloud
  • iMessage
  • Reminders
  • Updated Saferi  Safari [Edited : thanks Jeremy]
  • Twitter Integration
  • Wifi Syncing (No more cables , WOOHOO)
  • Last But Not Least The Must[Edited] MUCH Awaited Notification Centre

What’s inside the new iPhone 4S?

A5 Processor Chip
  • 7x Faster Graphics
  • Up to 2x Faster CPU
  • Dual Core Graphics
New Antenna System 
  • Intelligently switches between two antennas to transmit and receive
  • 2x Faster Downloads
  • CDMA & GSM Network (iPhone 4 had 2 DIFFERENT Models)
  • 8 Mega-pixel Sensor
  • 3264 x 2448
  • 60% MORE Pixels
  • Backside illumination (73% More light)
  • 33 % Faster Capture rate (We needed that man! , Check out image below)
  • Hybrid IR Filter
  • Better Color Accuracy
  • More Color Uniformity
  • 5 Element Lens (30% More Sharpness)
  • f/2.4 Aperture
  • 26% Better Auto White Balance
iphone 5 camera capture speed graph
  • 1080p HD Video recording
  • Video Image Stabilization
  • Temporal Noise Reduction
AirPlay Mirroring
Ability to play your games on bigger screens (TVs, Monitors,laptops) wirelessly
or wired

Siri intelligent assistant

this voice control software recently purchased by Apple is the ultimate Game Changer , with the ability to learn your voice.
Siri voice control has the ability to check your appointments , reply sms , define words , make a calendar appointment , give you directions , find you a restaurant in jurong , ask how’s NASDAQ is doing today , ask how’s the weather, what’s john address? , wake me up at 7am tomorrow!
Let the pictures speak for itself.
  • Natural Language
  • Conversational
  • Contextual
  • Personal
  • Works with Built In Apps
  • Dictation Anywhere
  • 3G + Wifi
Languages available : English US UK Australia , French , German

iPhone 4s Battery Life?

3G Talk Time 8
2G Talk Time 14
3G Browsing 6
Wi-Fi Browsing 9
Video 10
Music 40



iPhone 4S Summary

yup so that basically wraps up the detailed technical aspect of the new Apple’s iPhone 4S

IF YOU DONT HAVE A IPHONE , GET ONE NOW , if you are using the iPhone 4 and have limited budget stay with it !

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About: Alson Toh

Alson has been a iPhone Developer since Oct 2010 and felt that there is not enough light shinning on the Singapore Developers , thus he has created www.singaporeiphoneapps.com to feature apps programmed by the local talent in Singapore. For more enquiries , contact@singaporeiphoneapps.com

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  • http://www.facebook.com/yethu.yawin Yethu Yawin

    The official iPhone 4s would be released in Singapore by the 28th October 2011.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawrence.s Lawrence Siow

    Do let us know if any of the telecos are available for us to reserve our iphone 4S.

  • iPhone 4 user

    It’s odd that Siri is conspicuously missing from the Apple Singapore Online store.. But prominently featured on its US site.. Hmm, wonder if it works here in SG? Without it, it does not makes much sense for current iPhone 4 users to upgrade.. if we don’t really play games.

    • http://ur.wah.la/ Melvin Chia

      It says “Siri Beta” and is part of IOS5, so it probably works, but we’ve probably got to speak with an American accent.

      It probably won’t understand us if we say “Silly, wake me up at 6 ayy emm ahh!”

      • arejeigh

        Yah lah. No singlish for this iphone..

        • Iphone3gs

          Yalah… Siri cant understand well… Ayooohhh… Summoe.. Wheregot… Doneded… Okay lah…. Hello Sili…

        • Anonymous

          EXACTLY ! time for us to upgrade our english HAHA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Badana/1163865715 Jeremy Badana

    Is this article a hoax? fake? Why Safari spelled out as Saferi?

    • alsontoh

      hey Jeremy , thanks for the heads up . i guess i must be too excited as i was blogging about it.

    • Anonymous

      hey Jeremy ,do take a look i have edited it. thanks for the heads  up , i guess i must be too excited as i was blogging about it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Badana/1163865715 Jeremy Badana

        I could see it. You’re welcome :-) Nice blog! Thanks!

  • Ryan

    Will it be the same price? $500 with basic plan?

  • Awesome1911

    I went to the Singtel Hello! store, and they said they had no news about it. Hmmm….

  • Nick

    Sorry it’s the “Last But Not Least The Must Awaited Notfication Centre”
    I think the word Must was meant to be Much right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Khairil-LionHeart/606383931 Khairil LionHeart

    I dun think the siri works in sg. Because It doesnt seem to be featured in the sg apple website.

  • Awesome1922

    Any idea whats the price be like for the Iphone 4 w/ contract when Iphone 4S releases?

  • Muraliswami

    Will the 4S be launched in an unlocked version too at the time of the launch?

  • Farhan_iMB

    How long is the standby time for i4S?

    • Anonymous

      I believed the iPhone 4 is longer ,it’s Up to 200 hours

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Petchi-Muthu/100000834604630 Petchi Muthu


  • Puyy_1@hotmail.com

    I wanna know ,where i could buy buy I-Phone 4s ??

    and how much ??

    I’m foreiner.

    Thanks for all^^

  • Evilgreenrnrabbit

    strill no price riange!?!?!?

  • bake

    Will the 4S be launched in an unlocked version

    • Anonymous

      hey Bake , yes it will.

  • Plastingia

    iPhone 4s started to sell since last evening at apple store Singapore

    • Anonymous


  • Htaichong

    The rumors saying that Iphone 4S currently facing a lots of technical problem in Singapore,
    is it right?

  • Htaichong

    Cost of the Iphone 4S just about 500++ ringgit as advertised in newspaper and why the selling
    price is higher, is it true ?

    • Anonymous

      Apple’s Cost is always low , thus even though they have marked it up , the iPhone still sells like hotcakes!

  • Shetty Swasthik

    i phone 5 available in USA?

    • Anonymous

      nope it’s not released yet!

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