iPhone 4 Repair Singapore Screen Crack


let me begin, just a regular day

wanted to check the time , as usual i was too lazy to wear a watch with my iPhone the only thing i need to take out is my wallet and keys !

im sure most of you guys are the same ! i had some difficult taking my phone out of my pocket , used forced and the phone flip towards the sky !

next thing i picked it up and there!


 iphone 4 cracked


anyways i cant live without my iPhone 4 , thus i asked around my contacts for repair of iPhone in Singapore and was told to find Roy.

it is said that he does iPhone Screen Repair for $185 ! (Check Price with Roy , number is below)


that’s way cheaper then local telcos which charged $300 for a REFURBISHED SET ! NO WAY !


THANKS TO MY PEEPS ! I SAVED $115 ! THUS Im sharing with you guys this great service now!

Just incase your HomeButton / Speaker / Sync Port / Camera / Mid frame / Hearing Buzzer is Spoilt ! you can get it fixed there !

if your iPhone has touched water , don’t worry you might be able to revive it there as well !

anyway the parts used are Original ! and it’s been 1 week already since i been using my iPhone with the Newly replaced Screen !



Roy can be found at the shop called atomware ,

located at Sim Lim Square #05-79 ! do call him @ 9477-6564for any enquiries!

when i asked how many phones he has repaired ! he said he has been doing this since 2007! that’s During the iPhone 2G/3G days!





About: Alson Toh

Alson has been a iPhone Developer since Oct 2010 and felt that there is not enough light shinning on the Singapore Developers , thus he has created www.singaporeiphoneapps.com to feature apps programmed by the local talent in Singapore. For more enquiries , contact@singaporeiphoneapps.com

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  • Cecelia Kee

    My screen cracked too!
    Do you know if Singtel covers this under its iPhone 4 hardware warranty?
    Do you know the lead time,where and how much it costs to get the screen replaced.

    Please contact me at HP97354382

    • alsontoh

      no from what i know singtel dosen’t approve

    • Ceceliakee

      Please do not call my Hp87354382 as I am not the Service Provider for repairing iPhone cracked screen.

      I got mine repaired at TAMPINES Central mobile shop that cost $120-150. I have no further information to share. You can find a few mobile phone shop near Tampines library.

      Thanks, Cecelia

  • Sean

    hi, can i check do this shop repair iphone in front of us??

    • Anonymous

      yeah Roy does repair infront of his customers :) you can call him @ 94776564

  • Atomware@SLS #05-79

    h there. Alson. thanks for the review. We try to make every customer happy as always! Our Parts are original and prices change from tiem to time. Do sms or whatsapp 94776564 for any enquires. currently, price for iphone 4 LCD crack replacement is – $155 (black) $190 (White)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J43W3GSBNKDMW2IRNODWXURWIY Stephen

    I just discovered another shop that repairs iphone, ipod and ipad related issue @ sim lim, it is situated @ #05-22, Mr Eddy Tan. A hard to find dedicated and careful repairman for istuffs.

    • PhilipLaw

      hahaha, this eddy knows nothing except replacing parts. another jump on the bangwagon shop

      • Anonymous

        wow , you seem to know quite abit ! interesting! i know the chinese dude at level 4/3 lift appeared in stomp before.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/shinhime Shinigami Hime

    SingTel does not repair… they only do exchange and Apple does the repairs…

    So the warranty coverage is based on what Apple gives them and then they follow what Apple tells them to do.

    Liquid Damage, Corrosion Damage, Screen Cracks, Back Glass Panel cracks, open set are all out of warranty…

  • Mistasix

    Hi All
    Had my Iphone 4s 32gb with cracked screen fixed by master Roy..great service and customer friendly.
    Repair time=10/10 Workmanship=10/10 service=10/10
    Sim Lim Sq
    Thanks Sifu Roy

    Frm Stan Lee,UTM JB

  • MIhifewab

    How are you SURE that roy has ORIGINAL screens? Sim Lim Square isnt the most safe place too…

    • ROYtan

      Hi MIhifewab, You have the freedom to inspect the screen. If you have changed with us and suspect it is not original, we will refund you your total cost, plus, give you a chance to openly condemn us. 
      We can show you how to identify non originals as well.

      And for your information, not all retailers in sim lim sq are rogue shops. Those blacksheeps come and go. We have been in Sim Lim square from 2004 till now, never ever changed our Shop Name , never had a complaint made to the management. Awarded Star Retailer by STPB. 


  • MMMabbbb

    Hi do you do samsung s4?

    • alsontoh

      hello, yes Samsung S4 can be fixed as well.