iPad Air and why you should upgrade?


Why Own An iPad In The First Place?

When Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPad, many people doubted that it would be a successful product. The ground-breaking sales of the iPad have proven the critics wrong, but there are still a lot of people who question its usability.

My take is that iPads are the least necessary but most use-ful product that Apple sells (with the possible exception of the Apple TV). It’s almost impossible to live without a cell phone or computer in this day and age; in contrast, a tablet is by no means an absolute necessity. Yet once you own one, you end up using it constantly. For me personally ,i have been using the iPad2 for 2 already and it has not given me much problems still running on iOS 7 smoothly. 

When Steve Jobs announced the original iPad, he introduced it by saying, “In order to really introduce a new category of products !beyond a smartphone and a computer, those devices are going to have be far better at doing some key tasks.” Jobs went on to claim that the iPad was better in several key areas: web, email, photos, videos, games, and e-books.With the help of third-party apps, people have found that the iPad can excel at thousands of other tasks as well.

To me, there are two areas in which the iPad beats both the iPhone and computer: consuming content and creating content on the go. When you’re consuming content—for

example, browsing the web or reading the news—the iPad offers a far better experience than the computer, which can feel less personal, or the smartphone, which is too small. The iPad’s portability and large screen also make it ideal for creat-ing content, such as taking notes at meetings, crafting emails, and putting together presentations. 

Like what they said , do it once do it good, for iPad you just need one and need not keep upgrading unlike the iPhone as the current iPad specs are pretty great! 

Which iPad should i buy?

Before the announcement, I was firmly in the larger iPad camp. The iPad mini’s lack of Retina display and slower pro-cessor were too much of a tradeoff for more portability, even at the lower price point. But now that the mini has Retina dis-play and the same processor as the iPad Air, it’s really just a matter of preference. The main question is, how much do you care about portability?

There seem to be two types of iPad users: those who use their iPad in one location and those who carry their iPad wher-ever they go. I would recommend that the people who leave their iPad in one place opt for the luxury of the iPad Air’s big-ger screen. For those who plan to carry their iPad around, the small size of the iPad mini (and the ability to hold it with one hand) makes it a great choice. It is worth noting, however, that the iPad Air’s thinner, lighter frame make it more portable and easier to use with one hand than previous fullsized iPads.

Should you upgrade?

The short answer is, if you can afford it, yes. The iPad Air isn’t just a little bit sleeker than the previous model—it’s 20 percent thinner and 28 percent lighter. Also, while iOS 7 is beautiful, it can take a toll on the processor. My iPad’s per-formance has slowed down significantly since upgrading to the new operating system. That makes the extra processing power of the iPad Air a major reason to upgrade.The new iPad mini is little heavier and more expensive than the previous version, but I think the upgrade is worth it be-cause of the new Retina display and increased processing power. 


If you are looking for a comparison between the iPads  look no further : 


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