iPad 3 Release Date in Singapore

If you came here looking for the iPad 3 Release Date for Singapore do not worry as 

previously we have covered the iPhone 4S Release Date with 100% accuracy along with the potential

specifications of it as well. Even which local outlets to go to purchase the iPhone 4S! (awesome right?) 

 IPAD 3 Release Date Singapore

We might be seeing a upgraded iPad 2 more then a “iPad 3”  , coming to Singapore : Early 2012 .

that would be perhaps Launching in Jan 2012 and releasing it by March 2012 .

And  possibly the real iPad3 (instead of a upgraded version of the iPad 2) coming in by the Q3 of 2012. 

iPad 3 Specifications [Predicted]

  • A6 Samsung Processor [Sources :9to5mac]
  • 2048×1536  approximately 250 dpi [Sources : Cnet] 
  • Same Screen Size 9.7 inch 
  • Extended Battery Life 
  • Thinner Overall Design 
The current iPad (iPad2) carries a resolution of 1024×768.

Apple Recent reports state that is it  Apple’s suppliers are finding it challenge to produce such high density displays , thus we might only see a improved iPad 2 (E.g iPhone 4S) .

Also Apple’s production history has showed us that the iPad is always the first device to feature a new-generation processors (E.g A4 iPad A5 iPad2) . The iPhone &  iPod would follow closely behind a few months later. Since time would be needed to compact the processors for a mobile phone.  hmm , i sense this would be the reason why Apple Delayed the launch of the iPhone 5 and launched iPhone 4s instead.


iPad 3 with Singtel , Starhub , M1

 If you are getting a 3G model why not get a line for your iPad3 from local telcos such as Singtel , M1 & Starhub.  These subscription price plans they offer are “cheaper” in a way that they bundled the monthly subscription fee with the  iPad price. We understand this from previous examples such as the iPad & iPad 2. However , getting a set does not allow you to pre-order , only like previous batches of apple products such as the iPhone 4S a sign-up form will be available to inform you which outlets to turn to.

But if you are not a fan of queuing , do check out 

http://www.apple.com/ipad/ to pre-order your iPad 3  as soon as we update you on the iPad 3 release date.

We would be covering the iPhone 5 Launch date as well . 

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So don’t worry about when the iPad 3 would launch in Singapore , we got it COVERED!


UPDATED: iPad 3 Release Date Singapore Official 


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