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Work is becoming easier and easier as technology keeps advancing day after day. This is so evident in the fact that it does not require only computer programmers to create games nowadays. Games salad is a game creating tool and is the world’s most advanced game creating tool developed by Gendai Games with the primary aim of assisting non-programmers in game creation. The tool makes it easier in that it is only a matter of dragging and dropping the resources needed to create a game. The tool also makes use of visual editors and behaviour based logic system. Games salad is only compatible with Mac OS however the games that are produced from it can be played on the iphone as well as online. The resources needed to create a game is available online and once registered with game salad’s website a member can easily have access to all the resources by way of simple dragging and dropping fashion. The membership is in two ways; registering with basic accounts which is absolutely free or registering with the professional account which cost 499 USD per year. Being a member has a lot of benefits which include access to game salad viewer for iphone, an app that allows testing of the game on the device. It also allows members, once satisfied with their finished game to submit it through the game salad membership programme online submission form to app store. Members with professional account have access to more advanced game developing features than those with basic account which include iADs and promotional links.

When game salad was first released (March 2009), the version available was alpha version which had its own limitations. Contributions, comments and suggestions from lovers of game salad have yielded a great result through the manifestation of a new version of the game salad. This version which is the Game salad 0.9.0 Beta according to Game salad’s website is the biggest and the best update they have ever produced. This new version comes with entirely redesigned dashboard and publishing wizard. According to the chief product officer Michael Agustin, Game salad 0.9.0 Beta was designed to eliminate all barriers for iphone game developers, in other words the aim or the goal of this version was to remove all confusions around iTunes connect publishing and provide a better way for developers to manage their game portfolio with the tool. Again with this new version, the producers have been able to do away with more than 80% of all report crashes, improve on performance and stability as well as improving significantly the user experience for independent creators.

The world stands to benefit greatly from Game salad. It will contribute to the economic growth of the world especially in countries where the tool is mostly used; Game salad will be producing new breeds of game designers and creators to add up to the already existing ones of whom most are computer programmers. Directly or indirectly the world of unemployment will be affected as people who have loved to create games for a living denied the opportunity by way of their ignorance in computer programming in game designing or creation now offered the opportunity to have a great carrier in game designing through Game salad. Game salad was not made for programmers but for everybody especially non-programmers and since this is open to everybody there would be a lot of competition in the area of game designing. Though provision has been made for individuals to publish and send their finished games to application store, i strongly believe only highly creative games will end up reigning in the game market.

The Game salad has a lot of features that makes it highly beneficial and unique. Among these are graphical user interface for describing rules and behaviour of game objects. The application has a library of behaviours both simple and complex from which the designer can chose in building a character or game object. It dashboard offers users the opportunity to browse uploaded games, run tutorials, write to other Game salad members as well as downloading shared template uploaded by other Game salad members. The application also has a scene editor which allows editing to be made while on scene. Actors or game objects can be added or removed from scenes by simple dragging and dropping. These are only few of the many unique features of the Game salad which makes it the most advanced game creating tool ever in history.

Though Game salad is less than five years since it was first released it has recorded and seen a lot of success stories, one of which is being told of a fourteen-year old student in Kuwait who used Game salad to create ‘Doodle Destroy’ in three days and this first game of his had already recorded nine hundred thousand downloads.

Game salad has indeed come to eliminate some percentage of unemployment, enhance economic growth and evoke the hidden talents and creativity in the area of game designing.

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