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Busy Fathers ,Mothers , Sons & Daughters , Ah Ma , Ah Gong :  Have it ever occurred to you when you are with your family members and so prepared to leave the house 

for your family outing and someone says  “Where we going uh?” or have you encountered problems like

  • Finding Places for family outings , thus making bonding time easier
  • Not being able to look for family friendly places and activities for their families 
  • Perhaps you needed to find a play area for them?

if that is so , don’t worry , you are not alone. 

“In a poll conducted by U Family among 185 members, it was found that parents with young children would like to know where to access the nearest family-friendly facilities such as nursing room, diaper changing room, children play area, family restaurant etc. in Singapore when they go on outings with their children.”



Problem Solved :

 ufamily an Initiative of NTUC , decided to create an iPhone Application(Family Fun), ohyeah ! They were smart to launch on the most popular platform in Singapore! 

Parents you got to love these people , helping you make decisions by providing you options through the User-Friendly  application ! 

Provinding you with info into useful categories such as : 


  • Nursing Rooms
  • Diaper Changing Areas
  • Children’s Toilets
  • Play Areas
  • Family Restaurants
  • Family Events
  • Places of Interest  
Parents , if you feel a location is good or perhaps too small such as the diaper changing room , review it ,Share it or perhaps a great place is missing from the FamilyFun app , add it NOW!

Simply a MUST HAVE App for Parents in Singapore !

perhaps get your maid to use it tooooo !

i really look forward to promoting applications like these , creating applications that helps solve day to day problems ! oh and one feature i really find super-cool would be this 



     Go try it out now it’s pretty fun , moving your camera from left to right to see where the places are !

     [Sorry for the lousy quality ,  the weathers really hazy today from Sumatra :(   ]







Download the FREE application now ! :

Parents , if you feel that features that can be added do comment below we would will definitely look into it , besides this app is created for you guys ! 




About: Alson Toh

Alson has been a iPhone Developer since Oct 2010 and felt that there is not enough light shinning on the Singapore Developers , thus he has created to feature apps programmed by the local talent in Singapore. For more enquiries ,

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