15 Must Have FREE Singapore iPhone Apps of 2012

hello , yes i am back. This time i would be sharing on  iPhone apps you need to have before the year ends! 

No more procrastinating. Time to hit the download button now.

First Up , for all iOS6 users , we know how much you miss Google Maps. 

#1 Google Maps for iOS Download

This time google maps just killed the GPS industry with their turn-by-turn navigation , did i mention it comes with voice over? 

i have to got to say Apple made a smart move approving this app, IMHO (In my honest opinion) this helped fix the maps problem which Apple faced.


#2 Funshion

Funshion is a video streaming application , basically you can download and watch series / movies with the function app. Being Kiasu singaporeans you might have also downloaded PPS , it’s a similar app just like how visa is to master.  I have been using it on my desktop for about 2 years already (:

Did you know commuting with your phone reduces stress?  

#3 Instagram

A must have for users of the camera function , many say this makes you a photographer overnight. Remember those sayings about how “Carrying a DSLR makes you a photographer” For those who do not know it’s a social media network alone!

#4 Phewtick

Phewtick rewards you for your meetup , yes they do pay cold hard cash. i’m still stuck at $12.52 though. The downside is that you can only cash out at $30.Check out my previous article incase you might be thinking is phewtick a scam? 

#5 NextRide 

Everything about this app is beautiful , from the colors to the fonts to how the app behave (User interface) Don’t we all love beautiful stuff? What this app does is basically plans your trip , example you would like to travel from your house to Marina Bay Sands , it navigates and provides you with the shortest journey there. Try it out to test it for yourself ! 

#6 WeChat

A free alternative to Whatsapp , majority used this at first for the ability to have large group chat , correct me if i am wrong but what’sapp is up to 30 now! One great advantage of this compared to Whatsapp would be it’s ability to make calls to each other. Great for contacting family and friends overseas.

#7 SG Buses v3

SG Buses shows you how long more your bus would arrive , based on your location. Simple , great and easy to use application 

#8 CarrotFantasy

Guys remember those maze games which you play in dota ? CarrotFantasy is the one made to attract girls with all the different cute monsters as well unique towers. 

#9 Popcorn

i have been using this app for at least a year already , it’s extremely great in terms of showing me available showtimes at different venues. Popcorn is easily the best app for cinemas in singapore, no other app shows all available movie theatres.

They have been free and continued to be free, releasing a paid version later this year which includes seat indicators which tells you if the seats are selling out (No more waiting to check out individually)

#10 SnapSeed 

A complimenting app to instagram , Snapseed is the photoshop for iOS. 

#11 iChangi 

Having iChangi in your hands is like having Changi massive billboards in the power of your hands.

#12 SGRadio

SGRadio is not bias , they stream almost all radio stations through the app streamlessly! I would say this is a must have app for the iPhone since it does not come with a radio function. 

#13 IC Photo for Singapore NRIC and Passports

Face it , all of us definetly have to make passport photo once! All you need is someone to help you take the picture and you are done! Instead of spending at least 30minutes and $5 to print take a photo and print you can just get your own photo here (Do some photoshop first to make yourself more beautiful) and send it over to ICA. DONE! 

#14 Scramble with friends free

Waiting for taxi? Scramble with friends free is a social game where you get to play with your real life friends or even new people from around the world. 

#15 Dropbox

hoho , if you are a startup business owner and you don’t use this it’s either your budget is extremely high or you have a small team. You have heard of windows skydrive and Google Drive . But have you tried dropbox? i would say this is the BEST collaborative application in the market, you can quote me on that. In simple terms , dropbox is actually a local folder which you can share with anyone , to add a file just drag and drop. Dropbox practically killed my need for my thumbdrive as well as having multiple versions of a documents. 


Of to close it all , if you are looking to turn your idea into a app , do feel free to email us at contact(at)SingaporeiPhoneApps.com

let me know if you think an app should not be here ! 


About: Alson Toh

Alson has been a iPhone Developer since Oct 2010 and felt that there is not enough light shinning on the Singapore Developers , thus he has created www.singaporeiphoneapps.com to feature apps programmed by the local talent in Singapore. For more enquiries , contact@singaporeiphoneapps.com

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